JIMG MEDIA CENTER have been working with many international agencies and publishers and organizing the advertisements of Turkish companies in international area for 10 years.
We also provide international companies from many countries to advertise in Turkey.
Our services to international agencies and companies who want to advertise in Turkey are to provide them advertising in;
- National Newspapers
- TV Channels
- Billboards
- Magazines
- Exhibitions
- And we provide partnerships in any kind of fair and advertising organizations in Turkey.
If you are planning to participate in an exhibition or advertise in Turkey we suggest you to get a price from us first. We will prepare you a full file of advertising options with the most reasonable prices you can ever get.
We are working with all media organizations and advertisers as well as fair organizers in Turkey.
We offer you the best prices with best services you can ever get in Turkey.
The importance of advertising is getting more important day after day in developing business world.


Now, the value of advertising is in an inarguable position. 

Advertising in newspapers and magazines is indispensable among the advert choices. 

Turkey is one of the foremost manufacturing countries of the world. 

Turkey has been exporting to more than 180 countries in the world. 

Did you know that the hazelnut consumed all around the world grows only in Turkey? 

Did you know that Turkey fulfills whole world’s 40% of tea needs? 



Did you know that Turkish jewellery is the 2nd country right after Italy in the world? 

Did you know that all the machines produced by Turkish industry have been exported to 80 countries in the world? 

Did you know that Turkey is the 5th country in the world in auto equipments & accessories sector? 


Briefly, Turkey is a country of production and has been working to sell its products to each country in the world. 


Thus, all Turkish companies have been participating to almost all of the international exhibitions in the world and they want to advertise in many foreign newspapers and magazines. 

Advertising in foreign newspapers and magazines is very important and essential for Turkish companies. 



We should cooperate for good quality Turkish products to be advertised and known effectively in your country. 



We, as advertising companies, are working to do the best. 

Our only concern is to have our advertisers appreciate our work and effort. 

The more we cooperate the more we earn……


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